Whimsy Manor manifesto

This is, well a bit of a whimsical look at what I like and want to see, packaged as a manifesto.

At Whimsy Manor we are all for:

  • Autistic pride and neurodiversity everywhere!
  • Art in all its forms 
  • Poetry, pushing the boundaries and shining a light on the world 
  • Decorating the walls like a gallery exploded
  • Music – sad songs, radical songs, folk songs and anything by Mozart
  • Equity, respect, inclusion and justice for everyone 
  • “Different not less”
  • Work and more work and more work….
  • Movie night!
  • Friends and family – especially family of choice 
  • CATS!!!!
  • Diversity and respect
  • Stimming and shiny things, glitter and sequins
  • The rainbow wig and its wiggy friends
  • Being Queer and being Proud
  • Autistic people being empowered and in charge of our lives  
  • The medication which makes the mental illness manageable 
  • Kindness. Lots of it
  • Coffee 
  • Comedy which empowers and critiques the status quo
  • “Nice things” 
  • Kids having a positive and enjoyable life free from trauma and other things which kids should never have to experience 
  • Everyone having a voice, including  those who do not use verbal speech
  • Love and then some more love 
  • Leaving the world better than it was when you arrived
  • Freedom – in the physical, emotional and every sense 
  • The opportunity to write
  • The opportunity to give presentations 
  • Autistic and neurodivergent peers, colleagues and friends 
  • Actually neurotypical peers, colleagues and friends as well
  • Gender diversity and gender fluidity and a world free from bigotry
  • The opportunity to change the world for the better 
  • Art. Did I already say that?
  • Seeing the beauty in people’s character 
  • A home for recharging the batteries, energy and ‘spoons’. 

And Mr Kitty is all for

  • Cat food
  • The Human
  • Cat food
  • Sleeping
  • Sunny spots
  • Cat food
  • Cat food.   


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