A story from Mr Kitty about humans, helping with knitting and being a furry therapist

My name is Mr Kitty and I live with my human. Their name is Funny author person or Yenn.  They are the best thing – along with cat food of course. I remember before I met my human. Life was cold and wet. There was nowhere warm to sleep. I huddled up in corners and garages and dry places when I could. I didn’t have any home and no humans cuddled me. I had to kill my food. I didn’t know if I would eat or not. My life was cold and scary. Other cats and dogs chased me so I got angry when I saw them and hissed – hoping they might run away and leave me alone.

One day I was near some houses. There was a delicious smell of fish which I went to investigate. It was in a bowl in a wire box. I ate it and then I was trapped. I was so scared but after some time, when it got light a human came and brought me inside. She scratched me behind my ears and called me ‘sweetie’. It was nice. Another human came and took me to a new house. The new human looked at me and their face was kind. Then they picked me up and held me tight to their chest. The human scratched behind my ears and talked softly to me. I snuggled in and purred. At the moment we belonged to each other. They were my human and I was their Kitty.

My human goes out every day. They give me cat food and I watch as they walk out the door. They say ‘I’m going to work furry boy. Keep being your wonderful furry self’. Then my human comes home ages later with cuddles and cat food. I used to worry that they wouldn’t come back but they always do. Sometimes the human is tired when they come home. Sometimes my human is sad – so sad I can sense it. I always give them cuddles and purrs then and it makes them  happier.

My human is a Public Speaker Advocate Writer. They spend a long time on the computer making and practicing their talks. I sit at their feet while they work. They will bend down and pat me and I smooch their hand. I think them human needs my support to do what they are doing. They always have cuddles for Kitty.  They hold me like a baby and I purr and purr. So nice to be safe and warm and with cat food every day.


People come to my human’s and my house a lot. They always want to talk to me but I don’t aways talk to them. The other humans smell like cats and dogs and guinea pigs. I like the other humans but I don’t know them as well as my human. Sometimes I smooch them or stand on their laps and they are really happy, just because I said hello to them. I think I could try to talk more to the other humans but I don’t always trust them. I like climbing inside handbag and backpacks of the people. One of the people brings knitting and I always try and help.

I am my human’s kitty and they are my best ever human. You get one of us then you have the other one too. We are closer than anything. I know they won’t bring other pets into the house and they know I will always have cuddles and purrs for them. Sometimes the human gets annoyed when I ask for cat food by biting their feet and knocking their shiny phone off the desk. They say says ‘you’re a little bugger! Good thing I love you or I’d turn you into cat meatballs!’  But I know they would never do that. It is like a game we have.

My human goes away a lot. Their friends come over with their white car and I have to go into the carrier and then in the car and we go to the cat boarding place together. I used to be scared at the cat boarding place but I like it now. The humans there love Kitty but I always make sure they know I am in charge. I is Kitty after all. When my human comes to collect me I get so excited. They pick me up and give me a big hug and I purr so much I drool. My human takes me home and given me food and more cuddles. It is magic. I don’t leave their side for days, even when they go to the bathroom.

I am always happy that my human wanted me to live with them. They say I am the most beautiful and unexpected gift. They tell me I am the best thing in their life. And I think the same. Kitty needs his human  but human needs their Kitty a lot. I have a big job looking after my human but I like doing it.

Photo on 12-1-19 at 5.23 pm #2

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