Standing against the attacks on trans and gender diverse people – what can we do?

This will be a short post. Many of you will know that I belong to the Trans and Gender Diverse community as a non-binary person. Many of you will also know that there are a lot of people including some in positions of influence who are attacking trans and gender diverse people. Friends have been verbally and physically attacked by bigots in recent months. I have been attacked by transphobic trolls too. This is not on any level OK. To say that I stand with my trans and gender diverse siblings is an understatement. We need to support one another and counter the hate. Hate is pernicious. People can’t see beyond their bigotry. It is not OK to attack trans and gender diverse people in any setting – be that on the street corner, in a church or in the media. 

Things have become frightening in recent months. I fear for our future.  The more people who stand up and say the hatred and violence is Never OK – both trans and gender diverse people and allies – the better.

Recent research shows that autistic people are over seven times more likely to be trans and gender diverse so this is an autism issue too. 

I have been advocating for a long time. I don’t want to see the good work that myself and others have done being rubbished and wound back by bigots. 

How can you help?

  • Get involved in campaigns to counter hatred
  • If you are in a conversation about gender diversity and things get hateful, stand up and counted. Present an inclusive view.
  • Be kind and respectful to trans and gender diverse people. Remind yourself that we might be badly affected by all the hate that is going on at the moment and need love and kindness.
  • Use people’s correct names and pronouns including when you are talking about them to someone else. This might seem a small thing but it is a demonstration of respect.
  • Be visible as an ally. 

I don’t think it is inevitable that things will get worse. I think we have the opportunity to make a difference and defend the rights we have fought for. I give presentations and write things, I’m not much if an activist but I think we all have something to bring. 

I am a proud autistcis and non-binary person. I love and value myself just as I am. In the world we live in thag is a political act all by itself. In a better world it woudln;t be. It woudl just be a description of m

One thought on “Standing against the attacks on trans and gender diverse people – what can we do?

  1. When my daughter brought home someone she was dating and introduced us, explaining that her date is non-binary and preferred they/them pronouns, I accepted it.
    I honestly did make mistakes with the pronouns, not out of meanness, but out of they/them being more common for plural use than singular.
    I have gotten so used to they/them now that it’s just my default. I use it more than he/she.
    It’s not that difficult to be an ally. Mostly it just takes desire to treat everyone with respect.


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