N is for …Christmas (well, Noel)

Tomorrow, as I imagine you may know, is Christmas Day. Christmas means lots of things to different people. It doesn’t mean an awful lot to me these days. I am not really religious, don’t believe in Santa and I don’t generally celebrate the day. I think a lot of people find that a bit odd. This year the only gift I bought was for Secret Santa at work and the only gifts I received were from my mum and form my Secret Santa at work. I am spending the day at A Gender Agenda  at a Festivus event for transgender folks but I would be perfectly happy spending it with my cat and the television and maybe some writing.

I think Christmas can be a lovely thing but it can also be very challenging. I know in previous years I have been accused of being a grinch due to my commentary on the issues neurodivergent people can face in the festive season but I hold with what I have said, Christmas can be very stressful for neurodivergent folks. You might have to spend time with family members that you don’t get along with. You may be faced with festive food that you really don’t like. The pressure to give gifts – and receive them – can be very difficult and there can be sensory issues. There might be a lot of alcohol around and for some Neurodivergent – and other – people this can be triggering, especially if people get drink and behave poorly or if people have ben victimised by intoxicated people in the past.

Christmas can be very stressful. And that is just for people who observe it. Christmas – no matter how much one focuses on Santa Claus and the elf on the shelf – is a Christian festival. If you are not a Christian but live in a predominantly Christian country it can be very stressful and p[people can feel they don’t fit in. Sometimes people face discrimination on the basis of religion too. And for people who are very Christian – such as my mum – the holiday can be stressful because it is not Christian enough! It can certainly be a bit of a minefield!

It took me a long time to get to where I am at now in relation to Christmas. I genuinely do not mind that I am not spending it with family. It really is just another day. If you find it stressful try to find a solution or solutions that help it to be less so. Don’t feel pressured to do things you find stressful or triggering. And remember that it actually can be magical and lovely as well. When I was a kid I loved Christmas because fit all the tinsel and shiny things and it was absolutely enchanting. I wish you a merry Christmas and hoary holidays. Go well and if you are celebrating I hope you have a wonderful Tim. And if you are not celebrating? Well maybe drop me a message and we can have a chat 🙂 

One thought on “N is for …Christmas (well, Noel)

  1. I work christmas day but I work in the activities department of a nursing home. We packed presents from donated items for over 100 residents. Today I was dressed as an elf ( cotton tshirt because of my sensitivities) we has santa, mrs claus, 2 elves and a reindeer delivering all the gifts with a song. It was amazing how happy we made everyone. I always get festive for the holidays with decorations and gifts and singing and festive clothing and jewelry. I did not participate in the potluck due to food issues but did grab a couple of cookies when prompted to. They were very yummy. I’m not particularly religious but love to celebrate. I will have dinner with my adult son and my visiting brother and exchange gifts. My brother brought some of my moms delicious homemade cookies. It really is an amazing time of year for me.
    Happy festivous

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